Gameday Buzz From Texas vs. West Virginia

Gameday Buzz From West Virginia

Before Saturday night, the only time the Longhorn football team was forced to play beyond regulation in school history was in 1996, before head coach Mack Brown even came to Texas. In the Brown Era, Texas is known for pulling off stellar finishes with only seconds on the clock (see National Championship 2006, Nebraska 2009, and Texas A&M 2011). But in an almost unheard-of overtime performance, Texas beat West Virginia 47-40 on the road this weekend.

Morgantown, West Virginia may be nearly 1,400 miles from Austin, but Texas fans still filled most of an end zone at Milan Puskar Stadium to watch the Longhorns come away with the victory.

Even far away from home, Texas managed to hammer out the win on a 2-yard touchdown pass from senior quarterback Case McCoy and a fourth down end zone interception by junior linebacker Steve Edmond.

Here’s a look at the social media buzz during the game and from Longhorns who were lucky enough to witness the action in Morgantown.

Photo courtesy UT Athletics. 



  1. Mary Blasingame Forkner says: via Texas Exes on Facebook

    Some tough games coming up. Hook ‘Em!!

  2. Did you note how we did not run up the score with styling ponits!

  3. Rickey Cavazos You can take your attitude and stick it!!

  4. What a game..couldn’t sleep after the win. Go Horns!!

  5. I’m a Texas ex! Hook ‘Em Horns!

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  7. Great time with the Flying Horns, Linda, Courtney and Christina. Awesome time, awesome hotel, awesome tailgate, awesome alumni and awesome game! Hook Em HORNS!

  8. Joe Lindsey says: via Texas Exes on Facebook

    Guess you’re an OU fan Rickey.

  9. We realize some people obsess over Texas, Rickey! ,,/

  10. Rickey Cavazos says: via Texas Exes on Facebook

    Do you even realize that West Virginia has and did have a losing record at the time of the game? This clearly shows that Texas isn’t nationally competitive. Unfortunately Texas fans will have to settle for more of Mack Brown.

  11. Lisa McCoy Sanford says: via Texas Exes on Facebook

    Love love love watching the players celebrate their victory with the fans/band. Great win Texas! Prayers for healing for those injured.

  12. The best way to celebrate a birthday. Freezing in West Virginia with a Longhorns victory. Hook ‘Em!

  13. Carol Hartsfield says:

    “7th Heaven” comin’ up! Hook’em Horns

  14. Brad Logan says: via Texas Exes on Facebook

    Hook ‘Em

  15. Great win but, those injuries on the Achilles may never completely heel. We may not know until next season, at the earliest. Maybe Okla. St. and Baylor will keep us busy.

  16. LOVE my Horns!! HOOK ‘EM!!! m/

  17. Bruce Goodwin says: via Texas Exes on Facebook

    But in the joy of the victory, don’t forget to pray for Chris and Johnathan’s successful surgery and healing.

  18. Leandra Solis says: via Texas Exes on Facebook

    It was awesome being there!! Hook em!

  19. FAB game! Finally the Horns show that they will play a game until they win it. That’s the Horns I remember.

  20. Rosalinda Salazar Snuggs says: via Texas Exes on Facebook

    HOOK EM!!

  21. Janet Conway Edwards says: via Texas Exes on Facebook


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